Matrix Training Institute is registered and accredited by the Gambia National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA) to operate as a training provider (Practical Qualifications) within the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector in the Gambia. The institute has a pool of licensed trainers by the NTA who are highly knowledgeable and well experienced in their areas of specialization.

The Institute is a Division of Matrix Solutions Company limited which is an Information Technology (IT) company established in the Gambia in 2007 as an Information Technology solution company that combines a blend of new software and modern technology integrations to provide software solutions to meet the requirements of Government Institutions, Non Governmental Institutions(NGOs) and the Private sector Organizations.

Matrix Solutions Company is a certified GOLD Partner of Oracle Financial Services Software Limited and is currently providing support and other services to a number of banks in the Gambia.

With years of experience in working with the banking sector in the Gambia, Matrix Solutions have come to realize that with the increase in the licensing of commercial banks in the Gambia there is a high demand for trained and qualified teller staff to fill the growing demand for qualified tellers in the banking sector. There is a high competition between the banks on the employment of tellers and it is creating a high attrition rate on the tellering staff for all the banks. Matrix Solutions Co. Ltd therefore saw this as an opportunity to establish a Teller Training Institute.


The mission of Matrix Training Institute is to become a source and provider of qualified banking staff that will meet the needs of commercial banks in the Gambia by providing relevant and quality training and development in banking knowledge and skills particularly in the area of tellering. The institute will continuously assess the need for specialized skills in the banking sector and endeavor to conduct training in those areas to eventually become a trainer in all aspects of banking through modularizations of the different aspects of banking.